Update: December 15th, 2013

15 Dec : 20:32  |  Athena  |  Updates  |   1
Reduced daemon bone weight to match OSI.
Reduced daemon bone weight to match OSI.
You can now use a commodity deed for daemon bones.
Fixed missing entry to allow community collection items to be pigmentable.
Fixed potion keg to use craftable keg.
Increased key drop for peerless.
Increased drop rate for some peerless special loot.
Added dark guardian room controller.
Added pack leaders for pack animals (1 pack leader will give 10% damage bonus, more than 1 pack leader will remove all pack instinct bonuses).
Increased number of chops on trees for Lumberjacking.
Added wood harvesting system parallel to ore elementals (Use Undead Axe of the Harvester to get these).
Added Undead Axe of the Harvester drop to Lich's.
Utilized hidden paragon property on named ML mobiles.
Added Meraktus spawn to Labyrinth.
Fixed Dryad Allure to only use specific mobiles.
Added equine pack instinct to Unicorn and Kirin.
Nightmares will have pack instinct only when an equine pack leader is present.
Loot bump and gold bump for Paragons.

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