Inactivty Policy

06 Nov : 21:12  |  Xavier  |  Shard News  |   0
Updates regarding account inactivity and housing decay policy.
We deliberately waited to make a formal policy regarding account inactivity and housing decay, to see how things would shape up regarding housing and basically unused accounts intended to hold housing.

So, here's what we have decided to do.

1. Accounts themselves will never go inactive. If we ever come to a point where old, unused account data needs to be purged, we will do so by saving it to a database, where it can be reloaded from by logging into the account.

2. As of right now, there is absolutely no reason to institute general housing decay at this time. The purpose of housing decay is to free up housing resources held by inactive players, so active players have fair access to housing.

3. "Preferential Housing" will go into condemnation after the owner is inactive for more than 45 days. If you have housing in an area deemed to be preferential, you will be able to request a freeze on your accounts for a negotiated period of time. We dont want anyone who wants to play to lose their plot or items, but we also do not want to let refresh-placers take from active players.

Anything to be considered or designated preferential will be determined by administration, and the complete list made public information. If you register your accounts, you will receive a warning by email 1 week before they go into condemnation. Yes, everything inside Luna walls will be on that list, as well as several other popular areas.

We also have some work to do, to provide the mechanisms to achieve this. It is not taking effect right now. This post was meant as early warning, but check back, because we will not be stalling or waiting on implementing anything, including this.

Complete details will be posted.

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