New Hardware

02 Nov : 19:06  |  Xavier  |  Shard News  |   1
We are moving.
We have ordered service, which should be provisioned within a few hours from now with more stable connectivity, incomparably more powerful hardware, and much lower network latency for over 90% of the player base.

We will be in a location fairly central to most of North America, with tested ping times of 50ms to LA, and 80 to the east coast.

The system is an 8 Core Opteron, 16GB DDR3, 2x2TB SATA3 drives with raid mirroring to reduce the chances of drive failures causing any data loss to practically impossible. Of course we will continue to maintain our redundant backups to both servers and private locations, to prevent non-hardware-failure causes of data loss.

Hope everyone enjoys the new location, and we are excited to get to work migrating to it.

ETA, November 3 to 4th.

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