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 First you will need to install the following: Microsoft .net 2 or later Ultima Online Classic Client Razor Once you have those installed, you need to run the UO client to finish the installation, start the UO Client without Razor (from the programs menu). This will bring up the UO client patcher and it will download the rest of the files needed (map files etc.) and patch your client to the latest version. Once your client is patched, close it. Note: This can take some time, depending on the speed of your connection.

Start Razor and make sure your settings are the same as the image below. Click the Browse button for the UO Data Directory and point it to the Directory with your UO Client (client.exe) installation in. You will need to enter login.wakened.net port 2593 instead of using the existing servers in the list.

Razor Srv
Account creation is automatic, so enter a username and password you wish to use. If the account already exists it will not allow you to login, so try another username. The following configuration is required of Razor and other assistants that implement negotiation. Enabling these options will allow your assistant to negotiate features with our server so that you can use it without problem.

Historically, the serverlist has been used to pick which shard you would like to play on, but in the case of Wakened Online, it is used to provide you with multiple routes to the shard.  When logging in, pause for at least 5 seconds after reaching the server list, then simply pick the route with the lowest ping.


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