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22 Dec : 02:16  |  Updates  |   0
We have added some custom content this week, this describes it.
We have added 2 new types in the holiday tree deed gump. They are the same holiday tree addons, except they have animation, and colors.


We have added a system to lumberjacking, which is very similar to the Ore Elementals in mining

When lumberjacking using a special axe that you can only get from Lichs' loot, it upgrades the resource vein, and you have a chance of pulling up a colored tree fellow. These tree fellows have the hue and name reflecting the resource type they are associated with, and they are hostile.

Being tree fellows are made of wood, they can burn. If you cause it to ignite you will not get the colored wood logs you were expecting. However, you make end up a deco item from the mess he makes in the process of burning up.

Also being a tree, they are subject to damage bonuses when someone hits it with an axe.


We have added pack leaders for mobiles that have pack instinct, with the exception of arachnid and fey. That needs to be decided at a later date. Currently, they are spawning in Fire dungeon, with the exception of the Ostard pack leader; He spawns with the other Ostards in T2A. We also added kirin, unicorn, and nightmares to the equine pack animals. However, in the case of the nightmare they are ONLY given pack bonuses when they are fighting with a pack leader.

Their taming difficulty is increased, as are their stats. The fire steed pack leader is a long-maned horse, of the same hue as the normal fire steed. They are the pack leader for all equine.

The Ostard is a frenzy with a dark gray hue, and the hell hounds and hell cats leaders are a darker red than the rest.

ALL of the pack leaders require 2 slots. If you have two pack leaders in your pack, none of them get any pack bonus at all. These leaders spawn in the same locations on both trammel and felucca facets.


Evil Santas are added for the holiday. Everyone who has kill rights on the Santa when it dies gets their own 1.25% chance of a dye bottle being dropped to their pack. They are 1 charge and have a large amount of hues they can come in. These are currently active in ice Dungeon on fel and tram facets.

The rest of the updates are fairly self-explanatory and you can find those lists in the last 2 update notes.

We will get some screen shots and stuff posted shortly.

Also note, we will be adding quiver of infinity on a mobile not yet in game.

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