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Important Notes on Faction Artifacts

31 Oct : 23:59  |  Updates  |   0
The faction artifacts are not OSI accurate in a few ways which you need to be aware of.
Virtue artifacts are available in faction strongholds.

Some important notes about them ..

1. They have different cost and rank, and they can not be used by anyone not in a faction, or not of rank required to use.
2. They can not be transferred. They are bound to the character that claimed them as a reward.
3. They do NOT have the 30 day lifetime right now, but may in the future.
4. They can not be fortified with power of fort.
5. they can only be repaired by a faction crafter.
6. they are intended to be used only in Felucca. Use anywhere else will cause their destruction fast. The max hp drop with the current hp in any other facet.

These items are subject to change, we know its not 100% OSI accurate, which we did intentionally. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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