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Updates Oct 24, 2013

24 Oct : 19:53  |  Updates  |   0
Updates including crash fix
We have restarted to apply an urgent fix for an issue involving new client support which has crashed the server 2 times.

Also the following non-urgent fixes will go in since we restarted anyway:

  • Make glasses repairable by Tinker.
  • Changed gnarled staff secondary ability to Force Of Nature.
  • Increased gold in treasure map chests.

Other updates:

We have purchased and are in the process of installing a 2048bit SSL site certificate. Some pages are 100% secure, some are not yet, and one or two may never be. Most importantly tho, is that everywhere you will be using a login, and on the donation store, site SSL security is and will be 100%.

This is a basic part of web commerce and communications security, and is there to provide you assurance that your transactions and communications will be secure.

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