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More Trick or Treat

20 Oct : 22:38  |  Events  |   1
More Trick or Treat
Tomorrow we will be adding stuff to the Trick or Treat system. Specifically, trick or treating monsters! (or pretty much anything for that matter)

GM beggars can now also trick or treat animals and monsters. Almost all creatures can give a statue of itself to the trick or treater. The higher the creature's fame is, the better your chance of getting a statue from it, for obvious reasons. If you unsuccessfully trick or treat the creature, it will become angered and immediately attack you. So here are some specifics.

- You cannot trick or treat in any house, or on a creature in a house.

- GM beggars only.

- can not be used on any summoned or controlled creature

- each creature can only give one statue, then must be killed to get more

- You can not trick or treat a creature while you are hidden or under a transformation of any type

- You must be within 3 tiles of the creature

- Nothing with human or elf bodies can be trick or treated, including vendors.

- the chance of success is 1% at the lowest, 10% at the highest. This chance is based on the fame of the creature.

These statues are NOT monster statuettes, and do not play any sounds. For the vast majority of creatures, at least, the art is not even the same.

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