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18 Oct : 12:42  |  Shard News  |   0
A few misc announcements
We have implemented protocol updates for client version 7.0.33.x. If your assistant uses an action queue feature and you are using client version 7.0.33 or later, you will need to disable it until the developers of your assistant update it. Otherwise, you will have problems with dressing, undressing, and items you move "vanishing". If this does happen dont worry, the items should still be there, and a reconnect or resynch should make them visible again.

On another note, for the better of the community and the shard, we have had some staffing changes. GM Logan will no longer be with us. At this point in time we do not intend to discuss the reasons or the discussion regarding this.

We have also increased the chances of GM beggar trick or treat items from 1% to 2.5%.

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