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Update: July 18th, 2017

19 Jul : 04:08  |  Updates  |   0
- Added ability to craft most food exceptionally.
- Added ability to craft most food exceptionally.
- Corrected chance to craft grapes of wrath.
- Corrected chance to craft dark chocolate exceptionally.
- Added grape vine grapes to be produced on certain grape vines.
- Added fresh ginger to baker and farmer NPC's. (In preparation for fish pies)
- Added high seas rare and legendary fish to taxidermy kit for trophies.
- Updated fishing pole to be craftable with attributes.
- You can now craft exceptional fishing poles.
- Added makers mark to fishing pole.
- Added Crab Fisher NPC.
- Added Lobster Traps.

Implemented but NOT available in game yet:-

- Added support for lava fishing.
- Added lava fishing special items.
- Added lava lobster trap.
- Added lava lobster trap.
- Added fish hooks.
- Added bait system.
- Added Fisherman armor set.
- Added buff functionality to fish pies. (Fish pies available soon!)

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