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Update October 31st, 2013

31 Oct : 22:25  |  Athena  |  Updates  |   0
Made all peerless loot instanced.
Made all peerless loot instanced.
Corrected fame on Peerless.
Corrected spellweaving scroll drop on peerless.
Fixed teleport players on Chief Paroxysmus.
TomeOfLostKnowledge is now blessed.
Cleaned up code to fix warnings.
Updated Faction Items to new system.
Added support for faction artifacts to the community collection engine.
Optimized client support for latest client.
Optimized MyUO database updates.
Corrected cliloc in 10th Anniversary statue.
New player skillballs and statballs are now account bound and non-transferrable (donation store skillballs will remain the same)
Fixed resource usage for tinker rare craftables
Implemented faction artifact system.


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