• So I was asked for itemids for the new fish, obviously to make assists recognize them. Any corrections are welcomed, here it is...

    All the crabs are either 0x44D1 or 0x44D2
    All the lobsters are either 0x44D3 or 0x44D4

    Brook Trout 0x9CC
    Haddock 0x9CC
    Bluefish 0x9CC
    Orc Bass 0x9CC
    Red Snook 0x9CD
    Smallmouth Bass 0x9CD
    Uncommon Shiner 0x9CE
    Black Seabass 0x9CE
    Lunker Fish 0x9CE
    Walleye 0x9CF
    Snaggletooth Bass 0x9CF

    Rainbow Trout 0x4302
    Red Drum 0x4302
    Shad 0x4302
    Grey Snapper 0x4302
    Infernal Tuna 0x4302
    Demon Trout 0x4302
    Cobia 0x4303
    Yellow Perch 0x4303
    Bonito 0x4303
    Cutthroat Trout 0x4303
    Kokanee Salmon 0x4303
    Cape Cod 0x4306
    Blue Grouper 0x4306
    Dungeon Chub 0x4306
    Bluegill Sunfish 0x4306
    Red Grouper 0x4307
    Dark Fish 0x4307
    Pumpkinseed Sunfish 0x4307
    Redbelly Bream 0x4307

    Tarpon 0x44C3
    Bonefish 0x44C3
    Tormented Pike 0x44C3
    Grim Cisco 0x44C3
    Yellowfin Tuna 0x44C4
    Crag Snapper 0x44C4
    Pike 0x44C4
    Mahi Mahi 0x44C5
    Captain Snook 0x44C5
    Drake Fish 0x44C5
    Amber Jack 0x44C6
    Green Catfish 0x44C6

    Rare Fish:
    yellowtail barracuda - 0x44C3 : 0x44C4
    unicorn fish - 0x4304 : 0x4305
    summer dragonfish - 0x44E5 : 0x44E6
    reaper fish - 0x44C3 : 0x44C4
    lava fish - 0x4304 : 0x4305
    holy mackerel - 0x4302 : 0x4303
    great barracuda - 0x44C3 : 0x44C4
    giant koi - 0x44C5 : 0x44C6
    fire fish - 0x4306 : 0x4307
    fairy salmon - 0x4302 : 0x4303
    crystal fish - 0x4302 : 0x4303
    bull fish - 0x44C5 : 0x44C6
    autumn dragonfish - 0x44E5 : 0x44E6

    Legendary Fish:
    zombie fish - 0x44C3 : 0x44C4
    winter dragonfish - 0x44E5 : 0x44E6
    stone fish - 0x44C5 : 0x44C6
    spring dragonfish - 0x44E5 : 0x44E6
    seeker fish - 0x4306 : 0x4307
    rainbow fish - 0x4302 : 0x4303
    lantern fish - 0x44C5 : 0x44C6
    kingfish - 0x4306 : 0x4307
    golden tuna - 0x4302 : 0x4303
    giant samurai fish - 0x4306 : 0x4307
    dungeon pike - 0x44C3 : 0x44C4
    blue marlin - 0x4304 : 0x4305
    black marlin - 0x4304 : 0x4305
    abyssal dragonfish - 0x44E5 : 0x44E6

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