• So at this point I believe most people are familiar with the basic yet ever successful Mage Tamer Template. This template and my next template (Bard) are the 2 templates I highly recommend for new players wanting to get in and solo as much stuff as possible! The idea behind this template is to sit behind a Greater Dragon or Cu Sidhe and heal it while dealing massive Magic Damage from the back line. This template is open to several interpretations depending on what you wish to accomplish, let me give you the base template and then give you some ideas on what you can do with it!

    120 Animal Taming
    120 Animal Lore
    100 Magery
    100 Evaluate Intelligence
    100 Meditation
    100 Veterinary
    100 Spell-weaving

    This Template is what I use to solo most of the ML bosses including Miasma and Swoop. I usually don't run anything harder like Dread Horn or Travesty without a small group of friends but I do well with my Greater Dragon on the front line. Spell-weaving allows for healing while your pet is mortally wounded and can even be used to resurrect your pet (You must precast Gift of Life on the Dragon before it dies otherwise you will be forced to use vet). You can also use Arcane Empowerment and Reaper Form to increase your SDI drastically.

    One of the off-templates for this build is to remove the Meditation and Veterinary while replacing them with Necromancy and Spirit Speak, this is risky because you no longer have Veterinary to resurrect your pet and relies heavily upon Gift of Life, but it allows for you to do Champion Spawns in Wraith Form and do heavy damage with Wither while your pet tanks. For example – If you are doing the Barracoon Champion Spawn and you reach tier 3 with the Rat Mages what you want to do is run into a pocket of mages, cast invisibility on yourself, wait for the mages to target your greater dragon, and then release havoc upon their miserable souls. You are a great asset to have in a Champion Spawn because you bring a friendly giant dragon to tank whatever boss you desire, in fact most bossing groups would be happy to bring along a tamer (so long as it isn't Paroxysmus as he will eat your pet and heal himself back to full).

    Another variation of this template would be to replace Veterinary and Spell-Weaving with Wrestling and Tactics, use a Reptalon as your pet, and destroy players in PvP combat! What you say?!?!? Yes, A Wrestling Mage Tamer in PvP is actually viable and very powerful! The Reptalon has a very powerful fire-breathe attack that will hit a player for 35-42 damage, if a player isn't running resisting spells they are very vulnerable to a 1-2 punch combo from this massive beast. Cast Curse on that pesky player, Run up to them (or if you have a teleport macro use it instead!), Paralyzing Blow, cast up your Explosion, dismount, all kill, Flame-Strike, and all of the sudden the person bothering you can say bye-bye to all his/her health!

    Ok so this finishes up another Skill Template from yours truly, I will be posting my Bard Template on the forums in the coming weeks so keep an eye out and find out what makes the Bard a very scary PvMer! If you have similar Animal Taming Templates you want to share go ahead and post them here! I will be posting my Archer Tamer Template on this same thread in the near future but if you have a template you really just want the world to know about feel free to post! If you have any comments or concerns about this template or just general How-To questions feel free! I'm always open to opinions and help out those who need an extra hand!

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