• Hey everyone it's time for your favorite forum browsing Book Reading! I am back and this time I brought along a little friend... The Sampire! Now this little guy is fun to bring to parties but don't get him too high because he might just bring the whole dungeon to your front door! The sampire is an infinitely known template for pvm as being one of the best "solo" templates in game! The problem is in order to do the harder champs you need to have a pretty expensive suit and even on this shard with the economy just starting to pick up it can be super difficult to find the pieces you need to make just the right suit! But even a simple suit can let you farm for hours without stopping (assuming you stopped by all those brand new vendors in the Western Corner of Luna and picked up a bos and some powder) and make all the money necessary to get that perfect suit!

    So, without further ado, the template I run with the sampire is as follows:
    120 Swords
    120 Bushido
    120 Tactics
    120 Resist Spells (swap to Anatomy if the enemy is non-caster)
    100 Necromancy
    80+ Chivalry
    60 Parry

    - Put any extra skill points you have into Chivalry because the higher your Chiv the lower fizzle chance on Divine Fury and the higher the HCI DI as well!

    - The 60 Parry is in this template because it is the best skill to get you to the 300 point margin for -10 mana on special move use! Yes it increases the Amount of times you are hit but that's why you have necromancy, don't worry too much about the amount of times you get hit.

    So lets get this started off, firstly get yourself into Vamp form for the 20% life leech on hit. This is why you are called a sampire after all, vampirism with bushido. The idea is that you want to get yourself as close to the 300% damage increase cap as possible with a weapon as close to swing speed cap as possible (1.25). You will want Your BASE stats to look something like this:
    110 Strength
    115 Dexterity
    30 Int

    Your aim for the suit should be reaching the 100% Damage Increase cap for items, as well as 45% Hit Chance Increase and as much stamina as you can fit. My personal weapon of choice is a Large Battle Axe for aoe damage, and swapping to a Long sword for Single Target. You will Want Hit Mana Leech, Hit Stam Leech, and max SSI on the weapon (If you are not using Mace and Shield Glasses you will also want Hit Lower Defense), as well as Damage Increase from Exceptional Quality!

    Before you start fighting something strong like a Dark Father or Navery you want to make sure you take your Meds, yes, I am referring to Potions! Greater Agility Potions are Invaluable and increase your Dex by another 20+ Points depending on your Enhance Potions Equipped! Next make sure you are all buffed up; Consecrate Weapon, Divine Fury, Confidence, Enemy Of One.

    Vampire Form will resist most poisons but if not your Vampire Leech should outheal any damage the poison deals, only cure yourself out of combat, don't spend time trying to dispell a poison while trying to melee the boss or monster you are fighting, it takes away from valuable lightning spam times!

    You want to alternate using Whirlwind Attack (for AOE) and Armour Ignore (for Single Target) if you don't have enough mana to use these specials you should be mashing that Lightning Strike button! If ur not pressing one of these 3 Buttons you are doing it wrong!

    Keep your Buffs up through the fight, if you need to kite a boss that is fine! I spend a lot of time on some fights kiting the boss while hitting the adds he spawns in order to regain Health!

    I love the Sampire and he is one of my all-time favorite templates to play, I highly recommend using a sampire, they are fun, powerful, and did I mention fun? Well that's it for this weeks template, If you have any other MELEE Templates post them here! Keep your Ranged Dexxer templates for next time! But if you have an awesome Whammy Template or some other amazing Melee template for soloing/spawning post em here and share your knowledge!

    ps - As always if you have recommendations or more info concerning the template feel free to post! Most of these are my personal preferences to templates but I know I'm not the best player out there and someone may have a better way to do things! Let us know so we can become better players ourselves!

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