• Hey everyone I'm relatively new to this shard, and have been playing on it for about 15 days now. I noticed the increase of players lately and I wanted to give everyone a little booster to templates that they can run in different situations! I played on OSI for several years up to High Seas and then on the free shard Demise for several months before finally moving over here to UO Wakened. I have experimented with several different template builds in both PvP and PvM as well as crafting thousands of sets of armors for said templates. I want to start up the skill guide template a little bit and over the next couple of days I will be posting what I believe to be some of the stronger templates a player can use for both PvP and PvM! First off this week I would like to post a champion spawn template that I used on OSI. It can be run very easily with just a 100%lrc 40%lmc suit, and can fly through spawns once you get an end-game suit going. This template spawns very easily (some of the more difficult champ spawns like level 4 Semidar, Oaks, or the Abyssal Infernal) will require an all 70s suit but if you literally just have a scrap suit for 100%lrc you can still do Barracoon, Neira, and Rikktor with relative ease.)

    The final skills for the template are as follows:
    100 Magery (with crystalline ring)
    100 Evaluate Intelligence
    120 Spell Weaving
    120 Mysticism
    120 Focus (with crystalline ring)
    100 Necromancy
    100 Spirit Speak
    (If you do not have a crystalline ring drop Necromancy and Spirit Speak to 90 with focus at 100)

    Please Note: Before spawning you should ensure that you have a level 6 focus (if you cannot find the people for it try going to Luna and ask for assistance with the circle I'm sure a couple people there will give you some direction and help you out). That you have a healing stone in your backpack, and a spell trigger rock active (for a little more oomph when killing Barracoon or fighting off a little pvper in a cub suit).

    Let's use Barracoon as our example spawn as it is the easiest and most run champion spawn, as you run into the champ spawn in Despise you want to be in Wraith form for the inherent mana leech when you deal damage to monsters. For Levels one and two I generally throw down some Blade Spirits on the Southeastern side of the spawn and go ham using Thunderstorm/Wither on the Northwestern side, casually casting animate dead here and there to form small clusters of monsters while I am away clearing another section of the spawn.

    My general rule as to whether I use thunderstorm or wither is how many of the enemy there are on my screen, 5 or more mobs means I will not lose mana while thunder-storming. Less than that I usually just wither them down as it isn't as mana intensive and deals higher damage usually killing the mob in one spell. Levels one and two should fly by very quickly and you find yourself getting to one of the more troublesome and irritating parts of the spawn, Rat-mages. These little buggers love to spam that mana drain spell and leave you with nothing to cast with while they pound you down with energy bolts and mind blasts, but this is where the mysticism starts to come in. Fortunately for us the Rising Colossus just happens to be the mortal enemy of rat mages, so go ahead and throw one of those bad boys down and watch him work for a bit.

    While your Rising Colossus is wreaking havoc upon the little rat-men, we will go ahead and start putting our Spell weaving to good use. Gift of Life yourself to prepare for the worst, buff up using Bless and Arcane Empowerment, and ensure that those nasty little vermin can't kill you by throwing on your Attunement and Gift of Renewal. At this point cold damage will be your best friend. I precast Hailstorm running in and out of small groups (as it one shots these mobs compared to 2 or 3 withers) and leave my colossus to deal with the stragglers. Take your time once you get to this point, as staying alive is more important than speed rushing the spawn. Once you reach level four of the spawn continue casting rising colossus on cool-down, he will demolish silver serpents and Hailstorm / Nether Cyclone will do work against the archers.

    Once our Barracoon friend decides to show his face you have to determine your situation. If you are with friends you can literally just burn the Barracoon down using fireballs and Hail-storming whenever he summons rat-men adds. This will take about thirty seconds to one minute usually and proves to be very simple, but, if you are by yourself the tricky part starts. Barracoon has a nasty habit of dispelling your summons within seconds of casting it so we will have to start with a bit of trickery. I personally like to use the Eastern bridge, so what I will do is clear out all the mobs on the eastern side of the bridge so that I can kite the Barracoon easily. I summon a Dark Wisp for mana regen and pop the Barracoon, I bring him about half way across the bridge and Energy Field between him and myself (be careful as the Barracoon is very fast at near full hp so get a good head-start before casting). I will animate dead on the nearby corpses of silver serpents and rat archers nearby and start fireball spamming him after casting curse. At 100 Magery the Energy Field lasts for exactly 30 seconds so I keep a mental clock going and try to throw down an energy field around 25 seconds into the first field being thrown down, just in case I fizzle the Energy Field and need to recast. At this point I can just burn down the Barracoon and once he reaches 28% I start spamming Word of Death,however; If you don't have an amazing suit you will find that keeping the Energy Field up 100% of the time is very stressing on your mana. This is why we cleared the eastern side of the bridge. I find it very easy to kite the Barracoon around towards a little rock island directly southeast of the bridge, constantly hitting him with Fireballs and Magic Arrows (it seems that the Barracoon has very little hit-point regeneration and that I can out-damage it with just Magic Arrows). I kite the Barracoon around the rock island and back up the eastern side of the bridge into the middle where I take a wide U-turn and head him back down towards the rock island once again) I continue this rotation until the Barracoon is dead and glory in the spoils! (There are places that you can drag the Barracoon to and just teleport up a rock outcropping or something so that the Barracoon can't hit you but I don't like dragging the Barracoon across the dungeon to do those so I just keep him near the Island, if you would like to know where some of these locations are you can post it here and I can share a few).

    Anyways, this ends our Mystic Weaver guide for spawning! I hope you learned something and will give this template a chance in the future. If you have your own revision of this template, suggestions to the template, or another CASTER spawning template feel free to post it here and explain how/why yours works to give people more ideas of things they can do to jump into champion spawning! Please hold posts about sampire templates and Dexxer templates until I can post my melee template in the next couple of days and post it there so we can make it easy to find specific kinds of templates, thank you!


  • Not a bad template, its worth noting that on wakened the monster AI may be different than what you are used to from OSI. They are a little smarter here. While that template is completely viable and would work very well, without resisting spells you will find yourself getting mana drained into the ground.

    currently the top spawning template (solo and group) goes to the necro mage weaver with resist (the exception might be a samp in neira solo).

    there are good pieces with skill bonus so you can toss every extra bit into med.

    my current fastest time on Riktor solo is sub 23 mins.

    Oh and I know there will be a comment about the necro/mage/weaver/tamer sooner or later, so ill just say that may be the safest and most durable template for spawning, but it can't keep up with the no tamer due to keeping track of the pet and what not. Also, the required items to make that suit (with maxed skills) will be out of reach for 90% of the community for a while.

  • Hey Salendro thanks for your response! I have indeed noticed that the Monster AI is different here than on OSI. I have been down killing Barracoon/Rikktor several times over these last couple of days and the rat mages / Dragons are indeed a pain when it comes to mana drains. 100% mana drain almost constantly when there are 5+ mages is a nightmare for a lot of people, so i tend to let my Rising Colossus do all of the tanking while i sit behind it Hail Storming. I'm not completely certain how it will work against Semidar as Succubi may be able to actually dispell the Rising Colossus. (At 120 Mystic and Focus Rising Colossus has 120 in skills including resist spells) At Rikktor I had no problems tanking with the Rising Colossus but as you said, not having Resist Spells really is a pain. Do you have a really good weaver necro template for spawning? If so you could post it here (or if you want to keep it a secret I can post mine from Despise later on cheesey)

  • Oh its no secret smile
    Mage- 120
    eval- 120
    ss- 120
    weave- 120
    resist- 120
    med - remainder

    now as u get more items with skill increases (crystalline ring, talisman, bracers, etc.) you will reallocate those to med.

    Spell woven britches are a great starting point for a suit as they have solid stats with +10 med, be elf for the 20 extra mana (you will make up the 3 regen in the end game).

    from there the suit can be very generic to uber rich level. until u have the scrolls just keep farming coon (the gold really adds up fast to help buy those runics for crafting). go faction for crystalline and orny (not TB tho everyone is tb... come on be original for once). get a cheap scrappers and what ever sc +1 shield you can to get to 4/6+. after skill bonuses from items plus the 20 you get added to cap for vet points I have 91 med and that with regen item takes care of you mana issues forever.

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