• This is an easy way to work Archery, Fencing, Macing, Swords, Wrestling, Tactics, and Anatomy.

    Similar to the old golem trick, Arctic Ogre Lords have 100% poison resist and can be transferred to you by any spellweaver. With a 100% poison damage weapon you will still hit it for 1 damage a hit but the natural hp regen monsters have is quick enough that you wont have to worry about killing it.

    Make sure you say "all follow me" before you attack it so it doesnt fight back. Come back in a couple hours and you'll be maxed out.

    This method can also be used on ninjitsu by using Fukiya Darts, and will take you from 0 to 120 if you have the scroll. The cost is about the same as working archery.

    Ive also used 2 arctic ogre lords to 120 bushido, using momentum strike. This method took an extra character, a boat and the use of archer.


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