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 FAQ #18
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How are individual loot rights calculated?
When a mobile dies, the first valid damager is given a 25% bonus to the amount of damage they actually delivered. So, if the first damager did 1000 hit points of damage, they are credited for 1250 hit points.

Next the list of valid damagers is sorted by the amount of damage credit they have, and the list is processed using one of the following, depending on the total hit points of the slain creature and the damage credited to the top damager:

total hp 3000 or more, required damage is top damage / 16
total hp 1000 to 2999, required damage is top damage / 8
total hp 200 to 999, required damage is top damage / 4
total hp less than 200, required damage is top damage / 2

Once the damage entries no longer meet the above requirement, the remainder of the list is discarded.

Do note, that if you leave combat for 2 minutes or more, that is you do no damage for 2 minutes or more, your credit earned will be lost. However you will continue to get new credit for damage done after returning to combat.

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