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Welcome to Wakened Online!

Welcome to our freeshard site, we hope you have an enjoyable experience.  If you need any help with game play, please page ingame or see us on IRC via the link in the navigation bar, or by using your favorite IRC client and irc.wakened.net.  And dont forget to vote for us!

Wakened Online: an Ultima Online free shard

Welcome to Wakened Online! We hope you enjoy your experience here. This is a semi-custom Stygian Abyss shard, running on highly reliable dedicated servers. We have a great community here, with helpful players, and plenty of staff accessibility and interaction.

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with our rules and policies. It is YOUR responsibility to understand our rules and agreements before you play.

Our shard requires UO Client version 7.0.18 (or its EC equivalent version) or later to connect at all, but the latest patch level is highly recommended as we very often use latest client content and art in-game and these things will not work right for people not using the latest client version. More information about connecting to Wakened Online can be found here.
  • Four Accounts Per Person*
  • Frequent Custom Events
  • OSI Stats, Skills, Gains and Caps
  • Stygian Abyss Era
  • OSI Champ Spawns and Dungeons
  • CuB and Community Collections
  • Blackthorn Dungeon System
  • Friendly, Helpful Staff and Community
  • Active Development

  • All Dedicated Hardware, Bandwidth
  • Redundant off-site backups
  • RAID Drive Redundancy
  • International Routing Servers
  • Failover Server Setup
  • Public Test Center
  • Public IRC Chat
  • Mumble Chat
  • Ventrillo Chat
* Denotes a specific item "subject to conditions in our policies". You can read them by clicking "Policy" in the navigation bar; please do. All matters posted here are subject and superseded by our posted policies, unless otherwise stated.


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