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Online Shop

We are working on bringing you the convenience of ingame order and instant claim system, but in the mean time you can place your donation orders and we will process them manually.

Once you have placed an order please page in game with your name and PayPal email address, along with the total amount of your order. An admin will process the order as soon as they can.

Due to the response to our offer of double the gifts for donations of $50 or more during our donation drive, we have decided to make it permanent. If you would rather have something of equal value but not the same items for your doubled gifts, talk to an admin when you page. Just place an order of $50 or more, and we will take care of the rest at fulfillment time.

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to e-mail us.
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Main Categories

Items in this category will modify your character.

Donation ethereal mounts.

Special clothing only avaiable on the donation store.

Miscellaneous items: Pet bonding deed, soulstone etc.

Decorative house addons.

Dye one of the following mounts with these darkside hues range 1910 - 1931, or a hue of your choice (admin has to agree due to certain hues crashing clients).

Mounts you can dye:

- Beetle
- Cu Sidhe
- Desert Ostard
- Fire Beetle
- Fire Steed
- Forest Ostard
- Frenzied Ostard
- Hiryu
- Horse
- Kirin
- Lesser Hiryu
- Nightmare
- Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon
- Reptalon
- Ridable Llama
- Ridgeback
- Swamp Dragon
- Unicorn

Please page with the color name you wish to have after you have ordered. If you wish to have a different color from our selection please consult with Athena or Xavier first to have it agreed.